What Are The Most Obvious Signs of Addiction?

Addiction is a scary disease. As of 2014, over 21 million Americans are considered to be addicts — whether it be from alcohol or some sort of drug use. One’s life can quickly be turned upside down upon a single personal choice. Duly, family members and friends can be impacted negatively in the process. This vicious cycle churns at an incredibly high rate, and often has serious consequences.

For those who’re worried about a loved one, addiction often offers signs as to whether someone is in fact using a substance to excess. Once the problem is identified, family members and friends can then go about trying to help the person afflicted with addiction.

Here are a few signs one should look for if a drug problem or alcoholism is suspected:

Issues with Employment

This is often a tell-tale sign of addiction. Many addicts have a habit of failing to stay steady and consistent when it comes to job security/employment. If a loved one is suddenly moving through jobs at a fast rate, it could be due to personal problems at the work place. When pressured/under stress, issues with addiction bubble to the surface more often than not.

Family Issues

Millions of families are impacted by addictions. For any specific individual, the inability to show up on time — or even at all — could be an indication of a more serious problem. This is particularly the case if the person is normally punctual and reliable. Becoming more withdrawn via the usage of electronic devices could also be a cause for concern.

Legal Problems

This is a most obvious sign. Being arrested for a substance-related problem (DUI, drunk in public, drug possession, using drugs in public) is most certainly a red flag — especially if the person had no other prior issues with the law. If run-ins with the law become more and more frequent, a massive problem of some sort likely exists.

Personality Problems

One can generally tell whether someone is ‘with it’ or not. Sudden mood swings, volatility, and any sort of extreme change likely can be the result of addiction. Not only is one’s personal life being altered abnormally, but the abusing of drugs and alcohol can change someone’s brain chemistry.

Physical Appearance

Both alcohol and drug abuse could lead to someone gaining a large amount of weight rather quickly. Additionally, it could also result in a gaunt appearance. Normally, the addiction will be strong to the point where normal functionality will cease to exist. This includes properly showering and cleaning one’s self.

Simply put, addiction is something immensely difficult to deal with. By adhering to these signals, one may be able to help their loved one conquer this disease.

Image source: FamilyDoctor.org